External Examiner BSc (Hons) Clinical Practice

Opening Date:
20 Feb 2014
Closing Date:
30 May 2014
Salary Range:

BSc (Hons) Clinical Practice

We are seeking to appoint an External Examiner for the BSc (Hons) Clinical Practice (academic level 6) programme. Particular attention will be for Modules:

Developments in Cardiology
Intensive Care
Introduction to the Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Management of Coronary Heart Disease in Primary and Secondary Care
Recognising the Deteriorating Adult Patient
Recognising the Deteriorating Child
Return to Practice

Other relevant modules may be included from the BSc programme as required and appropriate

This post will be effective from 31.07.2014.

Applicants should hold appropriate academic qualifications; preferably have previous experience of acting in the role as an External Examiner and have an interest or a background in critical care/high dependency care settings. We are committed to a philosophy of inter-professional learning and have an increasing number of international students. We hope to recruit external examiners whose expertise reflects our philosophy.

Examination Boards take place once each term. For further information please contact Hilary Chandler hs6@soton.ac.uk or Christine Whitehead Deputy Programme lead BSc Clinical Practice at
If you are interested in applying, please forward your Curriculum Vitae and your area of interest/expertise by e-mail to Hilary Chandler outlining your teaching, research and External Examining Experience.