18th May 2018

Student leaders at Summit 2018

This month, 7 of our #150Leaders attended the Council of Deans of Health Summit 2018 at Crewe Hall. 3 students from our 2017 cohort along with 4 students from our 2018 cohort joined Council members at the Leadership themed two-day event.

Student nurses Raluca Vagner and Hannah Smith and student physiotherapist Darragh McGee were invited to reflect on their leadership journey in a session dedicated to the successes and future of the Student Leadership Programme. The session was facilitated by the Council’s Education Impact Lead Professor Nigel Harrison. All three students shared the impact the programme had had on them and their hopes for the continuation of the programme in years to come. You can see a short clip of Raluca’s presentation here.

Students were also actively engaged in a twitter chat live from the Summit on the NMC’s new standards of proficiency. Areas for discussion included how the changes in standards would impact curricula design and which forms of innovative learning would be best to lead the new standards. The chat was led by Professor Alison Twycross,¬†and you can follow the discussion using the hashtag #ebnjc.

The second day of the conference saw second year student nurse and #150Leaders¬†2018 student Gino D’Andrea present his experience on encouraging student retention in nursing. Following a career as a police constable, Gino signed up for a nursing degree and shared some of his own personal difficulties with the course. Gino is committed to supporting his peers in a number of ways, including through the invention of his website “Keep Going, Student Nurse!” – a quote generator that offers messages of support to student nurses written by peers, registered nurses and other professionals.

The Council would like to thank all students who joined the Summit and for their insightful contributions throughout the two days. (Below from left to right, Raluca Vagner, Ella Smith, Nick Flanagan, Gino D’Andrea, Darragh McGee, Jennie Cook, Hannah Smith)