11th April 2018

Reflections – Vikki Singleton

2nd Year Children’s Nursing Student – University of Hertfordshire.

Reflecting back on my first experiences of the Student Leadership Programme I cannot express how fantastic the two day event was.  On arrival at the hotel my nerves soon vanished after meeting some of my fellow students on the fabulous cohort four!  Everyone, including Nadia and the team, was friendly and welcoming which really put me at ease.

Once the programme began and over the subsequent two days, it soon became clear to me that this programme was going to inspire and motivate me more than I ever imagined.  The guest speakers came from a multitude of backgrounds and each shared their journey alongside top tips they have learnt along the way.  Their honesty made it incredibly easy to relate to aspects of their journeys and appreciate every difficult decision, failure and success.  Each speaker instilled in me the belief that I can achieve my goals, even if the road there is a winding one.

The key messages which I have taken away from the speakers are the importance of self-care – something which I have neglected and pledge to change – and how resilience and emotional intelligence are essential within the healthcare environment.

This brings me on nicely to my fellow students, what a wonderful bunch you are!  To be in a room full of students who share the same passion and motivation as myself and hearing about the amazing things you have achieved so far has ignited a spark inside me to see what ideas I can come up with too.

The fact that I have already gained invaluable experience and knowledge in such a short period of time excites me for what lies ahead in this programme and beyond.