3rd April 2018

Reflections – Felix Manders-Wilde

1st Year Mental Health Nursing Student – University of York.

The two-day conference in Reading was fantastic. I have met some seriously great, like-minded people, being fellow students from across the UK as well as some fantastic, knowledgeable and inspirational leading figures from across healthcare. The hotel, the food and everything gets top marks from me and we were all made to feel very comfortable whilst absorbing all the lessons to be learnt and having our minds enlightened about leadership practice in healthcare.

One of the biggest lessons that I have taken so far from the programme is this: Be authentic. Be aware of your emotions, the way you approach things and people and say YES to as much as you can. Growth and comfort do not coexist.

We have been told that this is only the start of the ‘leadership journey’ and I do indeed hope that this is the case. It is of course only the beginning of the programme, with another conference set to take place in London in July. I am also yet to be introduced to my mentor for the programme, which will be happening soon. I know that the programme makes a special effort to match students to a mentor who is most appropriate to their interests and areas in which the student desires to develop. So this is exciting and I’m eagerly anticipating that e-mail.

I am looking forward to exploring new concepts, developing areas to aid and enhance my leadership skills in practice and taking away even more than I already have from the programme.

I am very pleased and excited to be 1 of the #150leaders and share lessons learnt with my colleagues, family and friends now and in the future.