Application Guidance

Before you apply, please ensure you have read the eligibility criteria:

  1. You must be in EITHER first or second year of your undergraduate studies OR in first-year pre-registration postgraduate studies.
  2. You must be a student in nursing, midwifery or one of the Allied Health Professions

General advice to applicants:

  • A strong application will demonstrate commitment and motivation for joining the programme. Explain exactly why you deserve a place on the programme and what you hope to achieve.
  • Make sure you understand what it is that you’re applying for. Read about the programme and what others have gained from being a part of it.
  • Keep your application clear, concise and relevant.
  • Make sure you read your application through. It’s worth typing the questions out on a word document first, and then copying and pasting into the relevant boxes.
  • Spend time on your application: be thoughtful and considerate as to what you write about. Saying “I want to learn about leadership” is not going to get you a place on the programme!
  • Don’t write one sentence responses and use the word count as an indication of how long your response should be.
  • If your application appears rushed and you haven’t read through it, it may be interpreted as though you don’t care that much about the programme.
  • Remember to submit your University/Clinical Practice support form, otherwise your application may not be considered.