SIHED Legacy Project

The Office for Students has funded the strategic interventions in health education disciplines (SIHED) programme. It began in January 2018 and formally ended in March 2021. The SIHED programme aimed to increase awareness of allied health disciplines, and also increase understanding of, and demand for, higher education courses in smaller allied health disciplines.

With many of the SIHED objectives aligned to the Council’s work, we were pleased to be asked to continue some aspects of this project, including in running and promoting the I See The Difference website. Find out more about the work we will be conducting by listening to our policy digest CoDHcast.

Over the coming months, we will also be celebrating the SIHED Challenge Fund projects, innovative projects that would support the recruitment or delivery of healthcare disciplines. This will be through a series of webinars, interviews, podcasts and blogs, and is an opportunity to learn, collaborate and share best practice. Watch this space for all the latest!

You can now register for our upcoming webinars:

For further information about the SIHED legacy work, please contact Nadia Butt.