PhD scholarship – The assessment of health inequalities using routinely collected data

Opening Date:
4 Mar 2016
Closing Date:
28 Apr 2016
Salary Range:

Applications are invited for a Health eResearch Centre PhD scholarship funded by the University of York to start in October 2016. The project will be based in the Public Health & Society research team in the Department of Health Sciences, and supervised by Professor Kate Pickett and Dr Stephanie Prady.

Project Details
The increasing availability of routinely collected data such as medical records has the capacity to transform health research by enabling the health of large numbers of people to be unobtrusively studied in both observational and experimental settings. There are, however, limitations to using routine data, particularly when assessing health inequalities. For example, contextual information about individual’s lives such as income, working lives, home environment and ethnic identity is frequently missing from routine data, and the recording of medical data may also vary by social group.

The overall aim of this scholarship is to further our understanding of the strengths and limitations of using routinely collected data in social epidemiology and the assessment of health inequalities. Within this broad aim, there is scope for the award-holder to develop and shape their own research questions. Linked datasets of individually collected, routinely collected and area based measures of social, demographic and economic markers in the Born in Bradford (BiB, cohort and/or the Born in Bradford’s Better Start (BiBBS, will be available. Additional linkage, data collection and/or observational study may be appropriate depending on the research questions. The project can examine methodological problems relating to inequalities in child or parental health.