PGCert/ PGDip/ MSc Occupational and Vocational Rehabilitation

Opening Date:
2 Jun 2014
Closing Date:
27 Jun 2014
Salary Range:

This programme brings together occupational and vocational rehabilitation to improve coordination between all key players; particularly health and the workplace. It focuses not only on the health and wellbeing of the employed but also the needs of the employer, and of those who are not employed.
The aim of the programme is to enable students to develop as reflexive practitioners willing to challenge and implement evidence based practice; demonstrating a critical awareness of current issues in occupational and vocational rehabilitation.
There is an emphasis on the holistic approach for prevention and rehabilitation for health and wellbeing, with a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of strategies, skills and perspectives in order to facilitate effective collaborative working. The programme will provide a systematic multi-disciplinary and professional approach to occupational and vocational rehabilitation, grounded in research and ethical principles.
Students will examine the social, organisational and political context of employment; relationships between health and work; the ability to identify and overcome obstacles; and a range of preventative and rehabilitative strategies focused on the needs of individuals and organisations.
Students will:
• Explore the relationships between health and work; building skills for analysing and improving practice in relation to the individual needs of the client/patient.
• Examine the current social, organisational and political context of employment, from different perspectives
• Develop knowledge and skills in relation to occupational and vocational assessment and rehabilitation.
• Acquire crucial skills in evaluating, challenging, developing and implementing evidence based practice that has real world application.
The course has a full time and a part time route:
• Full time – three 14 week semesters over one year
• Part time – six 14 week semesters over three