External Examiners – Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Department of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Care Practice

Opening Date:
6 Feb 2015
Closing Date:
6 Mar 2015
Salary Range:

The Department is seeking to appoint new external examiners for a number of modules related to our post registration (CPD) provision.

Experience of External Examining/Subject Reviewer at External Course Validation events/quality assurance experience is required. Attendance at Subject Assessment Boards three times per year is also a requirement. The University provides an induction programme for all new external examiners.

Vacancies will commence from October 2015 as current external examiner contracts run out between Oct 15 and Jan 16.

Infant and Child (available immediately)
304CPD Fundamental issues in safeguarding children
326CPD Foundations in contraception & reproductive health care
327CPD The practice of contraception & reproductive health care
330CPD Examination of the new born 1
331CPD Examination of the new-born 2
372CPD Assessment of the ill/injured child
3005CPD High Dependency care in neonatal nursing
3006CPD Intensive care of neonates
320MW Return to Midwifery

Children and Young People
305CPD Introduction to CYPCC
M34CPD Perspectives on CYPCC
M35CPD Engaging in CYPCC
M36CPD Palliative & End of life care for neonates
M37CPD Medicines in CYPCC
M38CPD Communication in relation to CYPPCC
M52CPD Rheumatic conditions in children & young people
MXXCPD Principles & practice of paediatric orthopaedic care

Clinical modules
339CPD Pre Hospital Care & Management of Long Term conditions
340CPD Project (double module)
354CPD Health Assessment Skills
381CPD Principles of professional nursing practice
384CPD: Management of minor injury & illness
389CPD Principles of pre hospital trauma assessment & management
336CPD Introduction to Critical Care Nursing
337CPD Principles & practice of critical care nursing
343CPD Emergency Care
344CPD Care and Management of Minor Injuries

All enquiries and application forms please to Amelia Hamson at aa8926@coventry.ac.uk

Please state which vacancy/vacancies you wish to apply for.