External Examiner Vacancies – Post-registration modules

Opening Date:
5 Nov 2015
Closing Date:
30 Nov 2015
Salary Range:

The College of Human and Health Sciences is seeking external examiners for the following part time undergraduate and postgraduate post-registration modules for health care professionals:
• Meeting the specific needs of people with Parkinson’s Disease and their carers (undergraduate, level 6)
• Contemporary Issues in Health Care (undergraduate, level 6)
• Mentor Assessor Preparation (undergraduate level 5 and 6)
• Teaching in Clinical Practice (undergraduate level 5 and 6)
• Introduction to Clinical Leadership (undergraduate, level 5 and 6)
• Helping support workers and care assistants improve the care of older clients (undergraduate, level 4)
• Academic Skills for Nurses (undergraduate, level 5 and 6)
• The Management of Parkinson’s Disease – Related Conditions (postgraduate, level 7)

Role Specification:
The external examiner is asked to look at a sample of the assessments and report on:
• the administration of the programme
• the standards and consistency of internal marking
• the standards of student performance
• the extent to which the regulations and processes of the University are correctly applied and adhered to
• whether the academic standards of the programme are appropriate
• examples of good practice identified
You would be asked to attend one examination board per year and submit an annual report following this.

Essential Criteria: Experience of delivering post-registration programmes

Desirable Criteria: Previous experience as an external examiner

Date of appointment: Immediately – September 2018

Programme details will be provided to the appointee.

For expressions of interest, further information on the modules or to submit your CV, please contact the Siân Hoskins, on 01792 295318 or by email at s.k.hoskins@swansea.ac.uk