Chief External Examiner – Nursing and Midwifery, Social Work, Public Health and Environmental Health

Opening Date:
30 Jan 2018
Closing Date:
9 Feb 2018
Salary Range:

Applications are invited for the role of Chief External Examiner (CEE) within the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences at UWE Bristol. The role of the modular scheme CEE is different from the more traditional role of External Examiner; the role is not linked to one specific award but to several awards encompassing undergraduate and postgraduate provision. The CEE role does not have direct responsibility for any specified field or module but oversees a cognate group of programmes; the role of the CEE includes reporting to the University on the conduct and effectiveness of assessment through a review of Field and Module related reports.

Applicants should have experience of leadership and evaluation of programme performance within an HEI setting at School, Departmental or Faculty level, and experience of external examining is essential. Attendance at award boards (including Award Boards relating to collaborative provision/partnerships) is expected where the CEE plays an active role in the discussions and decisions made by the Award Board.

The main roles of the CEE are:

  • To ensure that all assessments are conducted in accordance with university regulations;
  • To ensure that the responsibilities of the award board relating to a student’s eligibility for an award are fully and properly discharged;
  • To ensure that Award Board recommendations have been reached by means consistent with the University’s requirements and normal practice in higher education;
  • To participate as required in any reviews of decisions about individual students’ awards taken during the examiner’s period of office;
  • To report to the University on the effectiveness of the assessment and the conduct of the examining board and any matters arising in accordance with the University’s requirements for such reports;
  • To report to the Vice-Chancellor on any matters of serious concern arising from the assessment which put at risk the standard of the award(s).