Radical change the quiet way

16 Mar 2017 in Blogs, News
As the Council moves to the development of its next strategic plan, a question that comes to mind is around painting the context that surrounds our sector. And more than ever before our strategic context is one of rad... Read More »

Why #Weareinternational

9 Feb 2017 in Blogs, News
Narrative in political debates and the media recently has positioned internationalisation and globalisation as being a ‘negative’ thing, something that intellectual elites support to the detriment of the ‘people’. Bei... Read More »


26 Jan 2017 in Blogs
As I took the train from London up to Edinburgh earlier this week, I could not stop admiring the scenery as soon as we got to Scotland. Arriving in Edinburgh, along with the wonderful architecture, I observed again th... Read More »

Social ecstasy

19 Jan 2017 in Blogs
David Bowie would have been 70 this month and will be remembered for his unique music and fashion style, ‘Starman’ among favourites, but also his stance on the social impact of the internet. Nearly 20 years ago, in 19... Read More »
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