CoDH Anti-Racism work

The Council is committed to anti-racism and has established an Anti-Racism Advisory Group of healthcare academics from across the UK that is advising the organisation on integrating this agenda across its policy and leadership work.

Anti-Racism in Academia CoDHcast series

The Council is running a series of CoDHcasts on the theme of anti-racism in academia and health. The series involves speaking to academics and researchers from our membership, as well as interviewing some of the #150Leaders from the Student Leadership Programme.


Continuing on from our Anti-Racism in Academia CoDHcast series, we have recognised the need for a stronger emphasis on increasing diversity in academia. We will be running various events throughout the year with a particular focus on anti-racism.

Student engagement

In September 2020, the Student Leadership Programme established the Race Matters group, made up of current students and alumni from the #150Leaders network.