Educating the Future Midwife – a paper for discussion

16 November 2017

This paper presents as a stimulus for debate on the role of the future registered midwife and midwifery education in light of the NMC’s current review of the standards for pre-registration midwifery education.

Professor Mary Renfrew is leading the NMC’s review of the standards of proficiency for registered midwives. It is anticipated that the NMC will consult on the changes in early 2019 and that the final standards will be published in 2020.

Read Educating the Future Midwife: Discussion paper on the key future outcomes for registered midwife education.



2 responses to “Educating the Future Midwife – a paper for discussion”

  1. Avatar Roger Harrison says:

    Hi, I can’t find a link to the paper or consultation document. Please send.

  2. Avatar Jonathan Eames says:

    The link to the paper is at the bottom of the text above.

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