Introducing the Council’s Executive Team Lead for Workforce

9 June 2016

Ruth Taylor, PVC and Dean, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Anglia Ruskin University

I am really pleased to have the opportunity to write a blog for the Council of Deans of Health membership following my election to the Executive Team. As you may know, I have been elected to the Workforce portfolio – which also encompasses responsibility for the Florence Nightingale Foundation leadership scholarships. I was excited to be introduced to the membership in this role at the recent Summit, and am looking forward to working with you on these very important areas over the coming weeks and months.

I thought it could be useful to identify what the key areas of concern or challenge seem to be – the ones that came out of the recent CoDH meeting. Broadly I think that the issues that we all agreed are of most importance for workforce are:

  • Education funding – and all the challenges that the changes will bring in England, but also thinking ahead to how the other home nations will approach pressures on funding
  • Continuing Professional Development (its future and its focus)
  • Models of service delivery and how we engage with them
  • Higher apprenticeships

I’d like to get to know what you see as the most important concerns for you in relation to workforce, and to garner views as to how this portfolio could move forward so as to enable the membership voice to come through loud and clear in the work that we do. Here are some suggestions for my ongoing communication and engagement with you for you to let me know what you think:

  • Regular blog to go out to membership on topics where we need to further enhance our collective voice.
  • Invitations to regional or country-based Deans of Health meetings. If you agree, I’d be delighted to hear from you and to then work out how best to manage these visits.
  • Possible vlog – depending on the technology and whether you would appreciate this (I use this approach with my faculty and students – a short informal overview of the key messages).
  • Other? All views welcome!

Thank you to the people who made direct contact with me at CoDH with ideas and offers of help. One suggestion was that we should be looking at the workforce in universities. This is something that I have a particular interest in in my own work in my faculty – both in terms of organisational culture and values so that the people who work in my faculty are happy at work, and also the challenges associated with recruiting to certain posts. The Florence Nightingale Foundation scholars were also in touch as they are going to take some work forward around apprenticeships – which is fantastic to see real leadership in such an important area.

Finally, thank you for the support that I have received already from across the membership. It is great to have the opportunity to be on the Executive Team and I look forward to ongoing fruitful discussions with you all that will make a positive difference.

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