Briefing: Proposals for the development of a new ‘nursing associate’ role

11 February 2016

This briefing provides an overview of proposals to introduce a new ‘nursing associate’ role as outlined in the Health Education England (HEE) consultation Building capacity to care and capability to treat – a new team member for health and social care.

One response to “Briefing: Proposals for the development of a new ‘nursing associate’ role”

  1. Georgina Cox says:

    I believe the idea of a nursing associate to be a good one. As a programme I have seen many good students while very caring they do not always have the academic ability to complete year 3. Instead wasting two years training like dare I say it the enrolled nurses of old it would put more “registered” nurses back in the workforce. With an opportunity for career progression at a later date when they have gained more experience. But it should come with a registration whereby they can like qualified RNs be monitored and revalidated if they are to continue to practice.

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