NHS England consultations on proposals for more efficient and responsive access to medicines for patients

27 April 2015

NHS England is leading consultations on proposals to extend the prescribing, supply and administration responsibilities for four separate groups of allied health professions (AHPs).

The four consultations are on proposals to introduce:

  • Independent prescribing by radiographers – our response here
  • Independent prescribing by paramedics – our response here
  • Supplementary prescribing by dietitians – our response here
  • The use of exemptions within the Human Medicines Regulations (2012) by orthoptists – our response here

The proposed changes to medicines legislation would apply throughout the United Kingdom and the four consultations have therefore been developed in partnership with: the Northern Ireland Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety; the Scottish Department of Health and Social Care; the Welsh Department of Health and Social Services; the Department of Health for England; and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

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