Learning Disabilities: Meeting the Education Needs of Nursing Students

18 December 2014

This report presents a project by the UK Learning and Intellectual Disability Nursing Academic Network (LIDNAN) and the UK Council of Deans of Health (CoDH) that has addressed the specific question of how to best promote LD competence in other fields of nursing pre-registration education.

The report’s recommendations highlight a number of areas in which HE provision and the frameworks that govern it could be developed. These include:

  • A standard competency framework should be developed to support consistent delivery of learning disability competence, based on the priority areas identified in the literature.
  • People with learning disabilities, their families and carers should be involved in all aspects of curriculum design and delivery.
  • The role of learning disability nurses and how they support people across a range of settings should feature as part of education delivery.
  • That HEIs consider a range of activities, including clinical simulation, as a means of delivering learning disability education

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