Cyngor (Wales)

Cyngor is the authoritative voice for nursing, midwifery and allied health education and research in Wales. As an organisation it occupies a unique position by representing all health departments in Welsh Higher Education and in working collaboratively with NHS service colleagues, Department for Public Health and Health Professions – Welsh Assembly Government and the Council of Deans of Health, UK.

Aims and ambitions

  • To be the principal source of advice for the Welsh Assembly Government and NHS Wales and other relevant agencies and institutions on issues related to the education of nursing and allied health professions.
  • To promote high quality nursing and allied health profession education and research.
  • To be characterised as an organisation which works closely with NHS partner institutions.
  • To monitor proactively the role of the nurse, midwife and allied health profession in the future and to pursue educational solutions for workforce requirements.
  • To work to improve and maintain quality in nursing and allied health education and to facilitate the transition between undergraduate and postgraduate environments.
  • To promote clinical academic careers for nurses and allied health professionals.
  • To ensure the development of future academic leaders in nursing and allied health professions.